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About 5 Services


5 SERVICES has been established in 2004. why 5? because we offer 5 main services that will be explained under “Services” icon in the main menu. 5 Services is an internet department that works legally under the umbrella of the Lebanese registered company “CRYSTALINO sarl”. It is all what you need for your image on the net.

Rami Skaf

Graphic Designer – Manager

Welcome to our website.Not only websites are stores which open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year, but they also don’t require neither sales persons nor cashiers. Come with a product to sell and let’s give you the right store for it. On the other hand, you might want a business image, explanatory pages or many other possible things from a website, why not? we will help and remember that “pay less, take more” is guaranteed with “5 SERVICES”








Hosting Plans and Domain Names


1- Hosting Plans: Whether you need a shared hosting, private server or VPS, limited or unlimited disk space, Linux or Windows hosting we can help with guaranteed competitive prices as we beat any local price on the Lebanese market.

2- Domain Names: We find and buy suitable domain names for our clients in case they don’t have their own. Moreover, if not ready for a website, we can park the domains for them for a yearly symbolic fee.

Graphic Design and Web Design


3- Graphic Design: Our graphic design services include all kinds of jobs starting from a logo passing through a business identity and ending at a complete campaing for a marketing plan. Design? sure. Printing? why not. Elements of a marketing Plan may include flyers, catalogs, advertisments in magazines and newsletters, billboards, electronic billboards…etc.

4- Web Design: Web design services include designing the pages of the website and activating this website online then destributing it by all means like SEO plans, bulk email broadcasting, advertising on social media sites or other portals…etc.

Website Security Protection


5- Websites Security Protection: Our fifth service is protecting any website from hackers who insert malwares and other viruses in your sites. Our technology is cloud based which means that no memory is consumed while the protection is in process. We scan your site daily and are responsible for removing malwares and blocking attacks. We also remove blacklisting immediately when necessary.


Nadine Khoury
I have worked with “5 SERVICES” on two projects so far, and I can confirm that those people are real professionals.
Samer Haddad
Thank you “Rami” for a great job. Punctuality, Innovation and full Satisfaction.
Nancy Baroud
Work can be amusing and trouble free when you work with the right people. 5 SERVICES team, “you are the best”.

Get in Touch

Working hours: Monday-Friday from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm

Yachuii Center, 4th Floor
Jal El-Dib Highway, El-Metn, Lebanon
TelFax: 04 / 71 77 75
Mobile: 70 / 10 30 30
E-mail: info@5services.com